Welcome to Secret Angel Stitchers!

We are a small group of ladies who desire to bless those who are in need of comfort, support or encouragement, those that may be facing difficult life circumstances. We send them our love, prayers, and best wishes through angels created by machine embroidery. When we find out about others facing any kind of pain, we try to do what we can to support, and encourage them. 

All of us have a love for machine embroidery, and met each other through this amazing hobby. We thought we could use our love for embroidery to provide some hope to those who are in pain by sending angels made of machine embroidered lace, and a card. 

These little angels are made merely of thread. Yet, they are powerful because they have been prayed over so the recipients receive not just a little lace angel, but a shower of a HUGE amount of love, compassion, hope, and encouragement. 
Click below or email us at secretangelstitchers1@gmail.com to nominate an angel recipient